People Propel

The Coastal Villages “People Propel™” Program was created by the CVRF Board of Directors to meet the demand of the residents of our 20 member villages for safer, more fuel efficient and environmentally cleaner outboards and boats. The People Propel™ Program also assists CVRF residents in buying new fishing nets and commercial fishing permits. By bulk-purchasing boats, motors and nets, CVRF is achieving economies of scale and bringing down prices for our residents.
Additionally, Coastal is contributing CVRF resources to make the prices lower. Residents can expect prices for the People Propel™ boats, motors and nets to be significantly below retail prices and to include transportation to their villages. Fishing permits will not be subsidized, but through the People Propel™ Program low-interest loans will be available to purchase permits as well as other equipment available through the program.

The CVRF People Propel™ Program was launched in 2012 with boating safety equipment that was provided to CVRF region residents. Through the People Propel™ Program, Coastal hopes to honor all of those from our villages who have lost their lives while boating by making boating safer for our residents in the future.

The CVRF Board will make a decision later in 2013 on whether or not to extend the People Propel Program.

Who May Apply for People Propel™ Boats/Outboards/Nets/Permits/Loans?

Only the residents of CVRF’s 20 member villages may apply for this program (See the CVRF Residency Policy)

The success of the program relies on the ability of the approved applicants from the first round to make the regular agreed upon payments. Stay tuned for future People Propel catalogs!

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