Who We Are

Coastal Villages’ mission is to provide the means for development of our communities by creating sensible tangible, long-term opportunities that generate hope for all residents who want to fish and work. On behalf of the 20 member communities, CVRF has grown to be the largest seafood owner/operator headquartered in Alaska. CVRF is now able to take a broader and balanced approach to managing our Kuskokwim Delta and Bering Sea seafood resources. For our residents, CVRF must continue to protect our fisheries and our investments in these fisheries, grow in a strategic and sustainable manner, and remain adaptable to take advantage of all positive opportunities. Our investments in the Bering Sea, particularly the pollock fishery, enables CVRF to provide fishing opportunities in salmon, halibut, and herring in our region, as well as all the other benefits CVRF provides.

Getting Involved

CVRF provides many opportunities for residents to work in positions at any of our multiple in-region offices, salmon and halibut processing plants, fishing tenders, freight barges, crab boats, longline vessels, and catcher processors. While you are in the process of navigating through the company resources to get to where you want to, remember that we are always here to help.